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No matter how much you pamper your resellers, helping them beating the bushes, helps you more.
Lesson learned

If your business depends for the most or better part on resellers, you will have a partner program in place.
You arrange meetings to network or share knowledge and experiences and provide training courses.
Just to keep them on track with the latest releases and developments.

You go through all this to motivate them, inspire them and create a team spirit. Make them ‘run faster’, so to speak. In the end you want them to sell to the best of their abilities. Nevertheless, you also know they can act sometimes like they ‘ can’t seem to find your business’. But did you know that market research shows, more than half of them purchases the services or goods they offer to their clients, from at least three different suppliers?

If you didn’t, than you would not know either that the Top Three incentives that drive resellers are: commission, availability of the services or goods and in third place: customer’s preference. ‘Supplier’s service level’ ends down at the bottom of the list. Surprising, isn’t it? But, and here it comes, when asked how they would rank marketing support provided by suppliers, they, amazingly, classify that just as high as ‘customer’s preference’…

We can’t change much about reseller’s preference as far as commission or availability of services or goods goes. But we do know how to facilitate your organization by demonstrating tangible results obtained through direct selling, up selling or cross selling and helping your resellers achieve better targets. We will be more than happy to discuss with you the added value of a Market Push Program, tailored to your resellers group. Ask us for showcases of action programs we helped developing and the results that they bring.

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